Somchai Prasitjutrakul

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A procedure for path-delay constrained initial placement during chip floorplanning is presented which directly incorporates timing and geometrical constraints into the process. The problem is modeled and mathematically formulated as a constrained non-linear programming problem which is systematically divided and solved in three steps: timing minimization(More)
Testing software is made easier when testability is high. In general, increasing testability allows faults to be detected more efficiently. Component-based software is often constructed from third party software components. When this is done, the reused components must be retested in the new environment to ensure that they integrate correctly into the new(More)
Genetic programming (GP) is a process of finding solutions of a problem through the evolution of population of computer programs to solve that problem. As the pattern of searching for solutions in a problem landscape can be quite complicate, it is difficult to explain, in many cases, some phenomena that happened during the evolutionary process. This work(More)
This paper presents a system called JPROFILE102 used for experimental analysis of algorithms. The system accepts algorithms implemented as Java methods along with experiment parameters specifying characteristics and sizes of input data. The objective is to count the number of times each source code instruction gets executed during the experiments.(More)
Typing with one language in mind where keyboard layout is set to another language is one of common typing errors. This paper presents data structures and algorithms of a utility program which automatically detects and corrects the mismatch Thai/English keyboard layout error during typing on the fly. The program hooks keyboard events and concurrently(More)
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