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BACKGROUND Considering the role of superoxide dismutase (SOD) as one of the most important salivary antioxidant enzymes, this study was performed to compare the level of this enzyme in smokers and nonsmokers. METHODS Unstimulated saliva of 60 volunteers (30 smokers and 30 nonsmokers) was collected. The activity of salivary SOD was measured in each group(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a chronic pain disorder characterized by a chief complaint of oral burning/pain with no clinically observable oral mucosal lesions. The prevalence of BMS has been reported to be 2.5-5.1% in the general population and several psychological disorders have been reported as associated or predisposing factors(More)
Herbs have been used for centuries to prevent and control disease. Herbal extracts are effective because they interact with specific chemical receptors within the body and are in a pharmacodynamic sense, drugs themselves. By using herbal medicines, patients have averted the many side effects that generally come with traditional medicines, but this does not(More)
BACKGROUND Virtual dental casts have been recently introduced to orthodontics. The problem of capturing the shapes of teeth on study casts may be complicated by the presence of undercut areas and deep grooves. AIMS This study aimed to develop a 3-D laser scanner and associated software, and to evaluate the reproducibility and validity of mesiodistal crown(More)
INTRODUCTION The role of laser in conservative management of oral disease is well established. Laser procedures are common in the fields of oral surgery, implant dentistry, endodontic, and periodontic therapy. CASE This case series describes the use of diode laser for the excision of oral exophytic lesions. All the patients attended the oral medicine(More)
AIMS In Iranian traditional medicine Anbarnesa (derived from smoke from burning female donkey's stool) has been used to treat ulcers and inflammatory conditions like stomatitis and ear infections (otitis). We assess the properties of Anbarnesa as an alternative mouthwash. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this experimental study, Anbarnesa smoke was analyzed using(More)
Background and aims. Cigarette smoke can induce oral cancer by its free radicals and oxidative damage. Salivary anti-oxidants system is believed to have an important role in defense mechanisms against oxidative stress. This study was compared total antioxidant capacity (TAoC) of saliva in smokers and nonsmokers. Materials and methods . In this(More)
This study was designed to elucidate the effect of ascorbic acid on salivary total antioxidant capacity in smokers. In this single blind crossover clinical trial, the whole unstimulated saliva of 30 smokers, who were randomly divided into two groups, was collected. In the first phase after the saliva collection, one group of patients took 500 mg of vitamin(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnancy tumor histologically coincides with oral pyogenic granuloma. It is a reactive hemorrhagic swelling that mostly occurs in gingiva of pregnant women and can cause some complications. Considering the lack of knowledge regarding its prevalence, this study aimed to determine the frequency and characteristics of pyogenic granuloma in pregnant(More)
  • Jamileh Beigom Taheri, Fatemeh Bagheri, +4 authors Zahra Namazi
  • Journal of lasers in medical sciences
  • 2015
INTRODUCTION Different modalities have been used to achieve better results in wound healing among which are laser and pharmacological agents. To our knowledge, there is no investigation to compare phenytoin and laser together. In this study, we aimed to evaluate laser and phenytoin efficacy and compare their effect on wound healing. METHODS We used 60(More)