Somayeh Mousavi

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Segmentation is one of the most important pre-processing steps toward pattern recognition and image understanding. It is often used to partition an image into separate regions, which ideally correspond to different real-world objects. In this paper, novel color image segmentation is proposed and implemented using fuzzy inference system in optimized color(More)
The aim of this study is to provide an efficient way to segment the malignant melanoma images. This method first eliminates extra hair and scales using edge detection; afterward, it deduces a color image into an intensity image and approximately segments the image by intensity thresholding. Some morphological operations are used to focus on an image area(More)
The relationship between serum anti-heat shock protein (Hsp)27 antibody and high sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) levels and indices of cardiac function were investigated in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or heart valve replacement. The changes in anti-Hsp27 antibody titers and hs-CRP levels were compared among patients(More)
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