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Areview of research that has been carried out on data mining and visual analysis of movement patterns suggests that there is little agreement on the relevant types of movement patterns and only few, isolated definitions of these exist. Since the research interest in this area has recently started to soar, we believe that this is a good time to approach the(More)
We propose a segmentation and feature extraction method for trajectories of moving objects. The methodology consists of three stages: trajectory data preparation; global descriptors computation; and local feature extraction. The key element is an algorithm that decomposes the profiles generated for different movement parameters (velocity, acceleration etc.)(More)
Extracting knowledge about the movement of different types of mobile agents (e.g. human, animals, vehicles) and dynamic phenomena (e.g. hurricanes) requires new exploratory data analysis methods for massive movement datasets. Different types of moving objects share similarities but also express differences in terms of their dynamic behavior and the nature(More)
BACKGROUND The movement of animals is strongly influenced by external factors in their surrounding environment such as weather, habitat types, and human land use. With advances in positioning and sensor technologies, it is now possible to capture animal locations at high spatial and temporal granularities. Likewise, scientists have an increasing access to(More)
Movement ecologists and environmental scientists are increasingly utilizing large volumes of spatiotemporal data collected from animal tracking and remote sensing of the environment to explore the environmental drivers of animal movements and long distance migrations. For scientists, the visual exploration and mapping of animal tracks in space and time and(More)
The movements of animals, people, and vehicles are embedded in a geographic context. This context influences the movement and may cause the formation of certain behavioral responses. Thus, it is essential to include context parameters in the study of movement and the development of movement pattern analytics. Advances in sensor technologies and positioning(More)
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