Somasundara Manikandan

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The electric power system is an enabling infrastructure that supports the operation of other critical infrastructures and thus the economic well being of the nation. It is therefore very important to design a smart grid for resiliency and autonomous re-configurability in the electric power grid. For the operation of any power system, its control(More)
This paper proposes an Optimized Associativity-Based Threshold Routing (OABTR) protocol for ad hoc mobile networks with excessive traffic. An Associativity-based routing scheme is implemented, wherein a route is selected based on nodes having associativity-states that imply periods of spatial, temporal, connection and signal stability. The routes are(More)
ABSTRACT In modern electronic circuits pose a reliability threat, a many applications are necessary to use protection against soft errors, there is no exceptions in the field of communications and signal processing systems. In new trend interesting option is to use Algorithmic Based Fault Tolerant techniques (ABFT) that try to develop the algorithmic(More)
Smart antennas can be useful in significantly increasing the capacity of wireless ad hoc networks. A number of media access and routing protocols have been recently proposed for the use with such antennas, and have shown significant performance improvements over the omnidirectional case. However, none of these works explores if and how different directional(More)
Data warehouses have emerged as a new business intelligence paradigm where data store and maintain in concurrent. The modifications are required in the implementation of Extract Transform Load (ETL) operations which now need to be executed in an online fashion. The adaptive approach takes two phases. The Extraction phase and the joining phase. The(More)