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Unimodular waveforms x are constructed on the integers with the property that the autocorrelation of x is one at the origin and zero elsewhere. There are three different constructions: exponentials of the form e 2πin α θ , sequences taken from roots of unity, and sequences constructed from the elements of real Hadamard matrices. The first is expected and(More)
We study the magnetic relaxation rate Γ of the single-molecule magnet Mn(12)-tBuAc as a function of the magnetic field component H(T) transverse to the molecule's easy axis. When the spin is near a magnetic quantum tunneling resonance, we find that Γ increases abruptly at certain values of H(T). These increases are observed just beyond values of H(T) at(More)
An image reconstruction algorithm using compressed sensing (CS) with deterministic matrices of second-order Reed-Muller (RM) sequences is introduced. The 1D algorithm of Howard et al. using CS with RM sequences suffers signiſcant loss in speed and accuracy when the degree of sparsity is not high, making it inviable for 2D signals. This paper describes an(More)
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