Somanath Majhi

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Minimizing the integral squared error (ISE) criterion to get the optimal controller parameters results in a PD controller for integrating processes. The PD controller gives good servo response but fails to reject the load disturbances. In this paper, it is shown that satisfactory closed loop performances for a class of integrating processes are obtained if(More)
The paper extends recent work on a modi"ed Smith predictor strategy, which leads to signi"cant improvements in its regulatory capacities for reference inputs and disturbances. High-order or long dead time stable, integrating and unstable plants are modelled as lower-order plant models with a longer time delay. The controllers are designed so that the(More)
In this work, the normalized Internal Model Control (IMC) filter time constant is designed to achieve a specified value of the maximum sensitivity for stable first and second order plus time delay process models, respectively. Since a particular value of the maximum sensitivity results in an almost constant percentage overshoot to controller setpoint(More)
An improved cascade control structure with a modified Smith predictor is proposed for controlling open-loop unstable time delay processes. The proposed structure has three controllers of which one is meant for servo response and the other two are for regulatory responses. An analytical design method is derived for the two disturbance rejection controllers(More)
Unlike self-regulating processes, cascade control strategies for control of integrating processes with time delay are limited. A novel series cascade control structure to enhance the closed loop performance is proposed for integrating and time delay processes. The proposed controller structure has only two controllers and a setpoint filter. The inner loop(More)
This paper presents the MATLAB simulink dynamic model of the load frequency control (LFC) of a realistic two area power system having diverse sources of power generation. The DC link is used in parallel with AC tie line for the interconnection of power system. The power system simulation is done using MATLAB simulink and control problem is solved using(More)
A new control structure with a tuning method to design a PID load frequency controller for power systems is presented. Initially, the controller is designed for single area power system, then it is extended to multi-area case. The controller parameters are obtained by expanding controller transfer function using Laurent series. Relay based identification(More)
This paper presents an improved automatic tuning method for stable processes using a modified relay in the presence of static load disturbances and measurement noise. The modified relay consists of a standard relay in series with a PI controller of unity proportional gain. The integral time constant of the PI controller of the modified relay is chosen so as(More)
In this paper, identification of stable and unstable first order, second order overdamped and underdamped process dynamics with time delay is presented. Relay with hysteresis is used to induce a limit cycle output and using this information, unknown process model parameters are estimated. State space based generalized analytical expressions are derived to(More)
In this paper, describing functions (DF) of relay with hysteresis is used for identification of systems. Describing function analysis is widely adopted in relay feedback-based identification methods because of the ease of computation involved and the general usefulness of the method. In process control systems, the noises come from measuring devices,(More)