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This paper introduces the Holon Framework, which aims to improve and control the software development process. It is an interdisciplinary approach that is derived from the Systems Movement and Software Engineering, combining aspects of Soft Systems Thinking and Hard Systems Thinking. An overview of the soft and hard part of the Holon Framework is provided.(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSs), made of collection of small, cheap, low power sensors, have diverse applications in several domains of life. Most of their applications demand for spatial position of sensors. Beacon nodes which already know their location are mostly used to help other sensor nodes to locate their position. However localization of sensors in(More)
Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is a key enabling technology for fifth generation (5G) wireless networks because of its ability to provide greater spectral efficiency. However, a conventional NOMA scheme offers significant interference and higher outage probability especially when the number of users in the network is large. Therefore, in this paper,(More)
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