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This paper shows how the most important features can be selected from the face so that the performance of any face recognition engine can be improved by matching only the maximally distinguishable features. Creating an automated face recognition system that can duplicate human performance in recognizing a face is one of the key goal of computer vision(More)
In the present paper, a software based effective ECG data compression algorithm is proposed. The whole algorithm is written in C- platform. The algorithm is tested on various ECG data of all the 12 leads taken from PTB Diagnostic ECG Database (PTB-DB). In this compression methodology, individual standard deviation of each part of the signal is calculated at(More)
The present work proposes a unified model to explain two previously reported properties of the Mach band illusion. The first is the frequently referenced fact that Mach bands are prominently visible at ramps, but practically vanish at intensity steps. The second property, less studied, on the other hand may also be related to the first. It concerns the fact(More)
Modern safety-critical systems (e.g., combined pacemaker/deliberator devices, distributed patient therapy delivery systems) incorporate more functionality than similar devices of the past. The development of these complex systems challenges existing quality assurance techniques; results in significantly longer development times; and demands greater staffing(More)
The complexity of the face recognition like deformable pattern recognition lies in the variation of captured face images in terms of pose, illumination and expression (PIE). Recognizing a face image, captured in unconstrained environment, from a gallery of large face database looses its computational efficiency in terms of speed rapidly. To segregate a(More)
This paper presents an algorithm of Hand Gesture Recognition by using Dynamic Time Warping methodology. The system consists of three modules: real time detection of face region and two hand regions, tracking the hands trajectory both in terms of direction among consecutive frames as well as distance from the centre of the frame and gesture recognition based(More)
Vision based hand gesture recognition is an open research problem in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The most common form of gestures are signs used in different sign languages having both local and global motions. Recognition of these gestures require the hand trajectory both with respect to orientation in space among inter frames and distance among(More)