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Spheno-occipital chordomas can rarely present as nasopharyngeal mass. Metastases occur only in advanced disease. They can pose a diagnostic dilemma when information about diagnosis of the primary tumor is not available. We present cytological findings in upper cervical lymph node of a case of nasopharyngeal chordoma and discuss possible differential in such(More)
Cemeto-ossifying fibroma (COF) is a benign fibro-osseous lesion of the mandible and maxilla. The World Health Organization (WHO) introduced the term “cementoossifying fibroma” by combining two entities, cementifying fibroma and ossifying fibroma in 1992. However in 2005 the entity was included under ossifying fibroma group. The tumor usually affects the(More)
BACKGROUND Injury to the underlying structures of the hand carries the potential for serious handicap. To reduce this risk, even the smallest hand injuries require proper medical care. AIMS To assess wound healing, mobility, and the ability to perform normal essential function post-operatively in open hand injuries associated with fracture. MATERIALS(More)
BACKGROUND Aminophylline can trigger seizures in patients without known underlying epilepsy or added risk factor for seizure exacerbation in epilepsy. Most of these seizures are difficult to control and are underappreciated compared to other drug toxicities. Despite a long clinical history of aminophylline-induced seizures, relatively little is known about(More)
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