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— This paper presents an algorithm to find out the path of an object which is moving in different frames. These objects are coming from different background. To detect a moving object from different frames correlation is useful but correlation process consumes huge time. So to reduce searching time here selective correlation is used. The proposed algorithm(More)
Dental caries is a bacterial disease of teeth caused by acid, carbohydrates and it destroys the enamel and dentine. This also causes dental pain. As per World Health Organization report, worldwide 60-90% children and 100% adult have dental caries [1]. In near future it will be an epidemic. Unfortunately there is no highly sensitive technology for early(More)
This paper presents a household cooling system controller which is adaptive and intelligent in nature. It is able to control the speed of a household cooling fan or an air conditioner based on the real time data namely room temperature, humidity and time i.e. duration, which are collected from environment. To control the speed in an adaptive and intelligent(More)
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