Solveig Ernst

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PURPOSE Localization of non-palpable suspicious breast lesions with tumor localization wires is commonly used before surgical excision. Dislocation of the wire is possible. The possibility of dislocation for different types of tumor localization wires was examined experimentally. METHODS 22 different tumor localization wires were inserted into the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the similarities and differences of cellular energy deficiencies due to asphyxia and to impaired oxidative phosphorylation caused by enzyme deficiencies using localized 1H-MR spectroscopy of the brain. MATERIAL AND METHODS In 35 neonates and infants with a postconceptional age of 36.4-153 weeks, 1H-MR spectra were obtained from the(More)
Today's modern animal confinement with high stocking density of a single species has resulted in new workplaces that are rarely characterised in regard to microbial exposure. In this study we determine the personal microbial exposure by long term monitoring in a duck hatchery. Four hatchery workers were accompanied for four weeks and on every working day(More)
PURPOSE To determine which appearances on CT or MRI are indications for surgical treatment of intracranial arachnoid cysts. METHOD The images obtained from 26 patients treated either by surgery or conservatively were compared retrospectively. The features evaluated were the size of the cyst, evidence of a space-occupying lesion, cerebral abnormalities(More)
Angiomyolipomas are hamartomas that may be found sporadically or associated with tuberous sclerosis (M. Bourneville-Pringle). Clinically, this long-term asymptomatic tumor becomes evident as an acute retroperitoneal hemorrhage or by symptoms of a flank mass. Due to the high percentage of fat components in this tumor type, computed tomography is far superior(More)
OBJECTIVE Endoscopic procedures may represent an alternative to microsurgery or shunt operations in intra- or paraventricular pathologies. However, the operative results mainly depend on the selection of suitable patients. In the present study of 30 patients with occlusive hydrocephalus, the relevance of differentiated magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P-MRS) enables a non-invasive detection of liver involvement in systemic diseases like Hodgkin's lymphoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using a clinical 1.5 Tesla whole-body MR system image-guided localised phosphorus MR spectra from the anatomically defined volumes of interests were(More)
Several investigations prove that monaural acoustic deprivation induces detrimental changes in the auditory pathway. So far the major interest focused on degenerative processes on the deprived side, while effects on the contralateral untreated side were not taken into consideration. This ontogenetic study investigates effects of early monaural acoustic(More)
To investigate the ontogeny of the electrically evoked auditory brainstem response (E-ABR) we used an animal model of neonatally deafened gerbils with an intracochlear implanted electrode. The E-ABR were recorded in three groups: normal hearing animals (NORM) and binaural deafened without chronical electrostimulation (BD) in comparison to binaural deafened(More)