Solon Diego Santos Carvalho Mendes

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The comparison between antemortem and portmortem data comprehends the basis of the dental identification process. High-tech devices allow for optimal manipulation of postmortem data. However, in especial situations, the victims do not have records of dental treatments, making necessary the search for antemortem data from personal belongings. Smile(More)
The human identification process is often performed by the comparison between acquired post-mortem (PM) fingerprints, dental patterns, or DNA sample with ante-mortem (AM) databases. However, in some special situations alternative sources of human identifiers reveal valuable part as forensic tools. In this context, medical records of surgical interventions(More)
Endodontics is a special branch of dentistry constantly guided by imaging examinations. From a forensic scope, endodontics plays a valuable role providing solid antemortem (AM) radiographic evidence for comparison with postmortem findings in human identifications. This study illustrates the interface between endodontics and forensic odontology describing(More)
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