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DES can be regarded as a nonlinear feedback shift register (NLFSR) with input. From this point of view, the tools for pseudo-random sequence analysis are applied to the S-boxes in DES. The properties of the S-boxes of DES under Fourier transform, Hadamard transform, extended Hadamard transform and Avalanche transform are investigated. Two important results(More)
A widely used method of efftcient search is examined in detail. This examination provides the opportunity to formulate its scope and methods in their full generality. In addL tion to a general exposition of the basic process, some important refinemertts are indicated. Examples are given which illustrate the salient features of this searching process.
In this correspondence, we present a new construction for 64-QAM Golay sequences of length n=2/sup m/ for integer m. The peak envelope power (PEP) of 64-QAM Golay sequences is shown to be bounded by 4.66n. The new construction of 64-QAM Golay sequences of length n=2/sup m/ is based on our earlier construction of new offsets of 16-QAM Golay sequences which(More)
In this correspondence, we present a connection between designing low-correlation zone (LCZ) sequences and the results of correlation of sequences with subfield decompositions presented in a recent book by the first two authors. This results in LCZ signal sets with huge sizes over three different alphabetic sets: finite field of size, integer residue ring(More)