Solomon Atnafu

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Until recently, issues in image retrieval have been handled in DBMSs and in computer vision as separate research works. Nowadays, the trend is towards integrating the two approaches (content- and metadata-based) for multi-criteria image retrieval. However, most existing works and proposals in this domain lack a formal framework to deal with a multi-criteria(More)
The need for systems that can stock, represent, and provide efficient retrieval facilities of images of particular interest is becoming very high in medicine. In this respect, a lot of work has been done to integrate image data in the standard data processing environments. The two different approaches used for the representation of images are: the(More)
The many successful research results in the domain of computer vision have made similarity-based data retrieval techniques a promising approach. As a result, the integration of similarity-based retrieval techniques of multimedia data into DBMSs is currently an active research issue. In this paper, we first illustrate the importance of similarity-based(More)
Database fragmentation allows reducing irrelevant data accesses by grouping data frequently accessed together in dedicated segments. In this paper, we address multimedia database fragmentation to take into account the rich characteristics of multimedia objects. We particularly discuss multimedia primary horizontal fragmentation and focus on semantic-based(More)
Partitioning techniques are traditionally used in distributed system design to reduce accesses to irrelevant information by grouping data frequently accessed together in specific fragments. Here, we address the primary horizontal fragmentation of textually annotated multimedia data. In this study, we discuss the issue of identifying semantic implications(More)
Managing image data in a database system using metadata has been practiced since the last two decades. However, describing an image fully and adequately with metadata is practically not possible. The other alternative is describing image content by its low-level features such as color, texture, shape, etc. and using the same for similarity-based image(More)
The health care system of Ethiopia is characterized by low level of health care coverage across the country. According to the latest Health and Health related indicator published by the Ministry of Health (MoH), the health care system can only provide basic services to 61% of the population. Physician to population ratio is one of the lowest in the world,(More)