Solmaz Torabi

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We present an extended Cahn-Hilliard model for simulating interfacial anisotropy in thin-film dynamics by incorporating high-order terms in the energy from an expansion of the energy about an equilibrium state, following earlier work by Abinandanan and Haider [Philos. Mag. Sect. A 81, 2457 (2001)]. For example, to simulate SiGe/Si thin films, where diamond(More)
Summary form only given. The problem of function computation arises in in many practical scenarios, such as query computation in distributed databases. In such scenarios, it is often possible to exploit the structure of the function to reduce the amount of information that needs to be exchanged in order to compute it. In a so-called a collocated network,(More)
Several users observing independent random variables exchange error-free messages with one another and a central receiver, the central estimation officer (CEO), with the aim of enabling the CEO to compute either the maximum across users (the max), or a a user attaining this maximum (the arg max) for each element of their local observation sequences. The(More)
A key issue in the control of distributed discrete systems modeled as Markov decisions processes, is that often the state of the system is not directly observable at any single location in the system. The participants in the control scheme must share information with one another regarding the state of the system in order to collectively make informed(More)
Several users observing random sequences take turns sending error-free messages to a central estimation officer (CEO) and all other users one at a time. The CEO, which also observes a side information correlated with the users observations, aims to compute a function of the sources and the side information in a lossy manner. The users' observations are(More)
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) techniques are increasingly used to address challenging problems in robotics, especially Multi-Vehicle Motion Planning (MVMP). The main contribution of this paper is a discrete time-distributed Receding Horizon Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (RH-MINLP) formulation of the underwater multi-vehicle path(More)
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