Solimar Gonçalves Machado

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An international study of cervical cancer patients reported a doubling of the risk for leukemia following radiotherapy. To evaluate the extent of residual chromosome damage in circulating T-cell lymphocytes in this population, approximately 200 metaphases were examined from each of 96 irradiated and 26 nonirradiated cervical cancer patients treated more(More)
Baseline white blood cell count (WCC) and haematocrit were examined in relation to recurrent coronary events and to all-cause mortality in 2026 persons enrolled in the first Persantin-Aspirin Reinfarction Study (PARIS-1) 2-60 months after myocardial infarction. WCC was strongly related to coronary recurrence (relative risk 3.5 for men with WCC greater than(More)
Cancer mortality was compared between a three-county region in southwestern Utah and the remainder of Utah in an investigation of reported excess cancer risks associated with residence in southwestern Utah during the period of above-ground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site. Because most of the fallout in southwestern Utah was deposited during 1953-1957,(More)
To evaluate the risk of endometrial cancer subsequent to breast cancer, a case-control study was carried out in Denmark. Between 1943-1977, 115 cases of histologically confirmed endometrial carcinoma developed more than 3 months after the diagnosis of a primary breast cancer in 51,638 women. A total of 235 breast cancer patients with no second primary(More)
The pathway of hemoglobin degradation by erythrocytic stages of the human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum involves initial cleavages of globin chains, catalyzed by several endoproteases, followed by liberation of amino acids from the resulting peptides, probably by aminopeptidases. This pathway is considered a promising chemotherapeutic target,(More)
Structural chromosome aberrations were evaluated in peripheral blood samples obtained from three populations exposed to partial-body irradiation. These included 143 persons who received radiotherapy for enlarged thymus glands during infancy and 50 sibling controls; 79 persons irradiated for enlarged tonsils and 81 persons surgically treated for the same(More)
Cancer mortality data from the National Center for Health Statistics, covering the period 1950 through 1978, were used to test a reported association between childhood leukemia and exposure to radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons tests in Nevada between 1951 and 1958. No pattern of temporal and geographic variation in risk supportive of the reported(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The immunosuppressant cyclosporin A and a number of other cyclosporins have potent and selective antimalarial activity. Their exact mechanism of antimalarial action is unknown but the structure-activity relationships for malarial parasite inhibition and immunosuppression differ markedly. The 3'-keto derivative of cyclosporin D(More)
Raw bovine milk is highly nutritious as well as pH-neutral, providing the ideal conditions for microbial growth. The microbiota of raw milk is diverse and originates from several sources of contamination including the external udder surface, milking equipment, air, water, feed, grass, feces, and soil. Many bacterial and fungal species can be found in raw(More)
The storage of fresh raw milk at low temperature does not prevent proliferation of psychrotrophic bacteria that can produce heat-resistant proteolytic enzymes contributing to the reduced shelf life of dairy products. This study aimed to identify the dominant psychrotrophic proteolytic enzyme-producing population of raw milk from Brazil. Raw milk samples(More)