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There has been several research works on the development of an oral delivery system to deliver cytotoxic and chemo preventive agents directly at the targeted site of action with reduced unwanted side effects. The efficacy of the site-specific delivery system of a drug to colon has been proven to increase the drugs concentration at the target site, and thus(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the characteristics of arthritis, arthralgia and musculoskeletal pain after chemotherapy in patients with lung cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study, we evaluate the characteristics of 17 patients with joint symptoms following receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer. Demographic information of patients including sex, age, time of(More)
Lung cancer is one of the foremost tumor-associated cause of death in the world. Most of the patients with NSCLC possesses an advanced disease at diagnosis, and are thus probable subject for systemic therapy. This study aims to evaluate the cytotoxicity of vinblastine and docetaxel combined therapy for the treatment of NSCLC, as well as verapamil (VER)(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma is an antecedent of liver illnesses, including viral hepatitis, alcohol abuse, or metabolic disease. Transforming growth factor-Beta (TGF-b) plays an important role in creating a favorable microenvironment for tumor cell growth via two major mechanisms: an intrinsic activity as an autocrine growth factor and an extrinsic activity by(More)
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