Solange S. Ramos

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This study aimed to contribute to the enhancement of the knowledge of levels, trends and behaviour of eight siloxanes (four linear and four cyclic) in the environment. Adding to the prioritised scrutiny of the incidence in the atmosphere through passive samplers (sorbent-impregnated polyurethane foam disks--SIPs), the sampling of pine needles and soil was(More)
Citronellal can be cyclised to produce isopulegol, which is an intermediate in the synthesis of menthols. These chemicals are all used in the fragrance industry and menthol is also an important product used as a flavour, a pharmaceutical and in oral care. The cyclisation of citronellal proceeds readily with various homogeneous catalysts, but the catalyst(More)
Personal care products, an important class of emerging contaminants, have been frequently detected in different environmental matrices. Included in this category are synthetic musks compounds (SMCs) and UV-filters. Their occurrence in the coastal environment has been poorly studied. Therefore, this work aimed to verify whether five coastline plant species(More)
(13)C NMR chemical shift assignments of five alpha- and beta- epimeric pairs of cholestanes functionalized at C-3 are presented. Empirical increment estimations proved to be a valuable tool for the unequivocal structural elucidation when compared with the chemical shift values of cholestanes derivatized by introduction of N- and S-containing groups at C-3(More)
Fecal bacterial indicator analyses have been widely used for monitoring the water quality. This study was designed to determine the ratio between the density of Escherichia coli and other Thermotolerant Coliforms (TtC) bacteria from freshwater samples collected for a two-year period of monitoring. TtC were enumerated by membrane filtration on mFC agar. E.(More)
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