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Six patients with osteonecrosis of the medial femoral condyle were seen during a 3 1/2-year period in a rheumatology unit. This condition, which may not be rare, is characterized by the sudden onset of pain in the knee of elderly people (usually women) without significant trauma. Physical signs include effusion and tenderness at the medial margin of the(More)
Since 1980, the authors have observed 56 cases of endophthalmitis after cataract surgery which they classify into three groups: A. 18 cases of forms confined to the anterior segment, which just received medical treatment; B. 37 cases of more serious forms with vitreous abscess, treated by vitrectomy; C. 1 case of fulminant form which was eviscerated. The(More)
Erosive osteoarthritis of the hands of unusually early onset and severity was seen in two patients treated for chronic renal failure by long term haemodialysis and renal homograft respectively. The significance of this observation is discussed in the light of previous studies of erosive arthropathy in patients with chronic renal failure. Factors associated(More)
The prevalence of grade III or IV osteoarthritis was determined in 210 patients with chronic renal failure, of whom 94 were receiving chronic haemodialysis and 116 had functioning renal transplants. The prevalence of grade III or IV osteoarthritis was three times greater in patients under 65 than in a control population, and all but two affected patients(More)
Pituitary apoplexy is an acute hemorragic or ischemic infarction in pituitary adenomas. The incidence in our series was 6.5%. Clinical diagnosis can often be difficult as the patient is frequently unaware of an existing adenoma (seven out of 11 patients). Therefore, the classic features of the syndrome must be known. They include sudden headaches,(More)
The C1q binding assay and the nephelometric monoclonal rheumatoid factor assay were able to discriminate 79% and 57% respectively of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients from healthy blood donors. In addition these assays could distinguish those patients with active arthritis from those with inactive disease, and the C1q binding assay correlated significantly(More)
Histiocytic necrotising lymphadenitis is the pathognomonic histological appearance of lymph nodes in Kikuchi's disease, a condition characterised by a brief systemic illness and lymphadenopathy. The case is described of a young man, originally diagnosed as having Kikuchi's disease by lymph node histology, who subsequently developed systemic lupus(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of vernal keratoconjuntivitis (VKC) in Europe. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was mailed to 3003 ophthalmologists from six countries (Finland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden) representing 151.9 million inhabitants. Results were analysed per country, and VKC prevalence for the 15 European member(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review summarizes current knowledge on ocular conditions related to abnormal visual development in infants, including prevalence, risk factors, causes, and mechanisms involved. We discuss the role of eyeball growth with pathologic mechanism of visual deprivation and development of amblyopia in infants, particular developmental issues(More)