Solange Garcia Pomblum

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A method is presented to separate rabbit cardiac ventricular myosin isoenzymes (V1, V2, V3), which are large and important contractile proteins. This polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis—using a slab minigel format—does not involve preparation of an acrylamide gradient or denaturing conditions. The isoenzyme migration order was confirmed through(More)
The presence of aluminium (Al) in pharmaceutical products used parenterally as sodium and potassium chlorides, glucose, heparin and albumin were investigated with respect to their storage in glass containers. As glasses can have aluminium in their composition, the aluminium may be released from the glass into the solution. The action of the substances above(More)
Este trabalho descreve um estudo sistemático do comportamento voltamétrico da anfepramona no eletrodo de mercúrio de gota pendente (HMDE) por voltametria cíclica (CV) e voltametria de corrente alternada (AC). Os estudos mostraram o comportamento adsortivo da anfepramona no HMDE e foram realizados em soluções de H 2 SO 4 0,1 mol L (pH 1.0) e tampão de Ringer(More)
Das isolierte Herz ist seit mehr als 100 Jahren als experimentelles Modell fest etabliert. Material und Methodik: In der vorliegenden Studie werden fünf verschiedene Varianten dises Modells miteinander verglichen: 1. modifizierte Langendorff-Anlage (LA) mit modifizierter Krebs-Henseleit-(KH-)Lösung a) ohne (n = 13) und b) mit (n = 16) Rinderalbumin, 2. LA(More)
Chronic aluminium exposure and toxicity related to aluminium absorption continue to be a problem for many patients with renal failure [1]. The two most prevalent sources of aluminium are water used to prepare dialysate and aluminium-containing phosphate binders. However, calcium-based binders, Sevelamer or others, have replaced aluminium phosphate binders(More)
BACKGROUND The extent of aluminum contamination in parenteral nutrition solutions was measured in 35 different commercial products, including amino acids, electrolytes, glucose, lipids, vitamins trace elements, and albumin. The extent of aluminum contamination in substances used as raw material for preparation of parenterals was also measured. Chemicals(More)
The interaction between aluminium and cysteine and cystine was evaluated by means of ion-exchange experiments and potentiometry. Ion-exchange experiments included other ligands with affinity for aluminium and two kinds of resins, either a Na+-form or an Al3+-form exchanger. The ability of the ligands to keep aluminium in solution in the presence of the Na+(More)
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