Solahuddin Shamsuddin

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Technical security metrics provide measurements in ensuring the effectiveness of technical security controls or technology devices/objects that are used in protecting the information systems. However, lack of understanding and method to develop the technical security metrics may lead to unachievable security control objectives and inefficient(More)
— With the increasing number of computers being connected to the Internet, security of an information system has never been more urgent. Because no system can be absolutely secure, the timely and accurate detection of intrusions is necessary. This is the reason of an entire area of research, called Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Anomaly systems detect(More)
Information security metrics are very important to guide the direction for measuring the effectiveness of security controls in compliance with the information security standards. However, lack of method to guide organization in choosing the technical security metrics may cause technical security control objectives and capabilities failed. This research(More)
With the advance in technology, the computer storage will become cheaper for the larger sizes. Previously, it allows the user to store more data at a lower cost. In context of digital forensic investigation, the traditional approach such as analysis on the hard disk will become inefficient in handling the huge data that is stored within it. The research on(More)
Information in mobile devices is an asset like other important business assets, is essential to an organization's business and consequently needs to be suitably protected. The use of mobile devices involves the sharing of its functions between the official and personal use of the data in the same device. The organization needs to perform a risk assessment(More)
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