Solahuddin Shamsuddin

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Crowd analysis becomes the most active-oriented research and trendy topic in computer vision nowadays. Typically, crowd is a unique group of individual or something involves community or society where the phenomena of the crowd are very familiar in a variety of research discipline such as sociology, civil and physics [1]. Within the crowd, there exist many(More)
Technical security metrics provide measurements in ensuring the effectiveness of technical security controls or technology devices/objects that are used in protecting the information systems. However, lack of understanding and method to develop the technical security metrics may lead to unachievable security control objectives and inefficient(More)
With computed tomography (CT) scanners, hundreds of slices are generated to visualize the condition of lung per patient. The analysis on slices-by-slices dataset is time-consuming for radiologists. Therefore, automated identification of abnormalities on CT lung images is vital to assist the radiologists to make an interpretation and decision. In this paper,(More)
— With the increasing number of computers being connected to the Internet, security of an information system has never been more urgent. Because no system can be absolutely secure, the timely and accurate detection of intrusions is necessary. This is the reason of an entire area of research, called Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Anomaly systems detect(More)
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