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Two-dimensional (2D) heteronanosheets are currently the focus of intense study due to the unique properties that emerge from the interplay between two low-dimensional nanomaterials with different properties. However, the properties and new phenomena based on the two 2D heteronanosheets interacting in a 3D hierarchical architecture have yet to be explored.(More)
Herein, we demonstrate CO2-activated macroscopic graphene architectures with trimodal pore systems that consist of 3D inter-networked macroporosity arising from self-assembly, mesoporosity arising from the intervoids of nanosheets, and microporosity via CO2 activation. The existence of micropores residing in hierarchical structures of trimodal porous(More)
The phase control, hierarchical architecturing and hybridization of iron oxide is important for achieving multifunctional capability for many practical applications. Herein, hierarchically structured reduced graphene oxide (hrGO)/α-Fe2O3 and γ-Fe3O4 nanobox hybrids (hrGO/α-Fe and hrGO/γ-Fe NBhs) are synthesized via a one-pot, hydrothermal process and their(More)
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