Sol M. Shatz

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Over the past few years, a number of research investigations have been initiated for static analysis of concurrent and distributed software. In this paper we report on experiments with various optimization techniques for reachability-based deadlock detection in Ada programs using Petri net models. Our experimental results show that various optimization(More)
This paper describes the design of a decision support system for shill detection in online auctions. To assist decision making, each bidder is associated with a type of certification, namely shill, shill suspect, or trusted bidder, at the end of each auction’s bidding cycle. The certification level is determined on the basis of a bidder’s bidding behaviors(More)
An emerging challenge for software engineering is the development of the methods and tools to aid design and analysis of concurrent and distributed software. Over the past few years, a number of analysis methods that focus on Ada tasking have been developed. Many of these methods are based on some form of reachability analysis, which has the advantage of(More)
The number of Internet auction shoppers is rapidly growing. However, online auction customers may suffer from auction fraud, sometimes without even noticing it. In-auction fraud differs from preand post-auction fraud in that it happens in the bidding period of an active auction. Since the in-auction fraud strategies are subtle and complex, it makes the(More)
1 This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Army Research Office under grant number DAAD19-99-10350, and the NSF under grant number CCR-9988168. Abstract. UML, being the industry standard as a common OO modeling language, needs a well-defined semantic base for its notation. Formalization of the graphical notation enables automated processing(More)
Online auctions are vulnerable to shill bidders, who intend to artificially raise bidding prices, causing winning bidders to pay more than they should pay for auctioned items. Detection of such fraudulent behaviors is very difficult, especially when an auction is in progress, or “live”. This paper focuses on a formal technique to detect shilling behaviors(More)