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Agents are becoming one of the most important topics in distributed and autonomous decentralized systems, and there are increasing attempts to use agent technologies to develop large-scale commercial and industrial software systems. The complexity of such systems suggests a pressing need for system modeling techniques to support reliable, maintainable and(More)
For many years, Petri nets have been used for modeling the behavior of various types of concurrent systems. While these net models are especially well suited to capture the behavior of concurrent systems, it is still the case that net models do not easily capture some important structural aspects of a system, such as modularity. In terms of software systems(More)
SUMMARY Over the last two decades, considerable research has been done in Distributed Operating Systems, which can be attributed to faster processors and better communication technologies. A distributed operating system requires distributed algorithms to provide basic operating system functionality like mutual exclusion, deadlock detection, etc. A number of(More)
An emerging challenge for software engineering is the development of the methods and tools to aid design and analysis of concurrent and distributed software. Over the past few years, a number of analysis methods that focus on Ada tasking have been developed. Many of these methods are based on some form of reachability analysis, which has the advantage of(More)
The number of Internet auction shoppers is rapidly growing. However, online auction customers may suffer from auction fraud, sometimes without even noticing it. In-auction fraud differs from pre-and post-auction fraud in that it happens in the bidding period of an active auction. Since the in-auction fraud strategies are subtle and complex, it makes the(More)