Solène Miaskiewicz

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We tested the hypothesis that the use of a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) in combination with behavior modification would promote long-term glycemic control in obese type 2 diabetic subjects. Thirty-six diabetic subjects were randomly assigned to a standard behavior therapy program or to a behavior therapy program that included an 8-week period of VLCD. The(More)
Polysubstituted pyrrolin-4-ones have been efficiently synthesized from readily available 1-(N-sulfonylazetidin-2-yl) ynones via gold(I)-catalyzed cyclization/nucleophilic substitution in the presence of various nucleophiles, such as water, alcohols, or indoles. Additionally, 3-iodopyrrolin-4-one derivatives have also been obtained under the same reaction(More)
Valuable 1-azabicycloalkane derivatives have been synthesized through a novel gold(I)-catalyzed desulfonylative cyclization strategy. An ammoniumation reaction of ynones substituted at the 1-position with an N-sulfonyl azacycle took place in the presence of a gold cation by intramolecular cyclization of the disubstituted sulfonamide moiety onto the triple(More)
Alkynylaziridines carrying an aryl group could be efficiently converted into aminoallenylidene isochromans, isoquinolines, or tetrahydronaphtalenes with silver(I) salts and into 1-azaspiro[4.5]decane derivatives with gold(I) complexes. Mechanistic investigations revealed that both Ag- and Au-catalyzed reactions involved a Friedel-Crafts type intramolecular(More)
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