Sokratis Makrogiannis

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Skin detection plays an important role in a wide range of image processing applications ranging from face detection, face tracking, gesture analysis, content-based image retrieval systems and to various human computer interaction domains. Recently, skin detection methodologies based on skin-color information as a cue has gained much attention as skin-color(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine differences in a proxy measure of muscle quality across the adult life span and explore potential mechanisms of muscle quality change through identification of cross-sectional correlates of muscle quality. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. PARTICIPANTS Seven hundred eighty-six(More)
This paper proposes a methodology that incorporates principles from cluster analysis and graph representation to achieve efficient image segmentation results. More specifically, a feature-based, inter-region dissimilarity relation is considered here in order to determine the dissimilarity matrix in a graph-based segmentation scheme. The calculation of the(More)
A hybrid split and merge segmentation method for color images is presented in this work. It combines edge and region information to merge adjacent regions produced in the initial watershed-based segmentation stage. A novel technique is introduced to simplify the Region Adjacency Graph (RAG) structure and speed-up the merging process along with a merging(More)
A multi-resolution segmentation approach for color images is proposed. The scale space is generated using the Perona-Malik diffusion approach and the watershed algorithm is employed to produce the regions in each scale. The dynamics of contours and the relative entropy of color regions distribution are estimated as region dissimilarity features across the(More)
The goal of image chromatic adaptation is to remove the effect of illumination and to obtain color data that reflects precisely the physical contents of the scene. We present in this paper an approach to image chromatic adaptation using Neural Networks (NN) with application for detecting--adapting human skin color. The NN is trained on randomly chosen color(More)