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Asarone and its biological properties
Abstract In acute and chronic experiments on mice, rats, cats and rabbits in a wide range of tests, a study was conducted of the biological properties of alpha-asarone (1-propenyl-2,4,5-Expand
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Arfazetin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
: Hypoglycemic activity of arfazetin, a Soviet antidiabetic species of medicinal plants, was studied in 32 patients with diabetes mellitus, types I and II. Arfazetin was administered to patients withExpand
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[The effect of ratibol, retabolil and solasodin on the blood coagulation system].
It has been established that ratibol, retabolil and solasodin in doses 5 and 10 mg/kg proved to have a slight anticoagulative effect. The same effect has been observed during 20 days of oralExpand
The effect of bromocryptin on rotational activity in rats
: The experiments were made in rats with unilateral lesion to the nigrostriatal tract, which was induced by the highly active dopaminergic neurotoxin 1-methyl-4-phenyl-pyridinium. The rotationalExpand
[Pharmacological properties of adicin, Soviet alpha-acetyldigitoxin].
Adicin, Soviet alpha-acetyldigitoxin, obtained from Digitalis lanata Ehrh., c. Scrophulariaceae after isolation from it of celanid is a highly effective cardiotonic of the digitalis type of action.Expand