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A Brief Historical, Political and Social Reconstruction of Albania in the Early Twentieth Century
The purpose of this article is to bring to the attention of researchers the fundamental aspects of the history of the Albanian people after the First World War and especially the 20s. After theExpand
The Independence of Albania
The purpose of this article is to analyze the steps that led to the Albanian independence in the early '900. Albania was a state under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and benefited from the protectionExpand
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Development of Civil Society, the UE Policies in Albania
The present study analyzes the current state of the civil society in Albania and the european union policies concerning the integration of Albania in UE. Despite the country in recent years has madeExpand
The Fundamental Aspects of the Cham Issue
The Present paper would explain the most important aspects of the Cham issue. The population mulsims chami was deported from Greece during the period 1912-1945 and the situation is still knowExpand
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Greece and Albania during the Second World War
The purpose of this article is to present the relations between Greece and Albania in a very sensitive period as the Second World War. The nationalist sentiments have dominated both in Greek and inExpand
NATO Enlargement and Albania's Path Towards the Atlantic Alliance
Albania was one of the first countries in Central and Eastern Europe to make its application for entry into NATO after the fall of communism in the region in 1989-1991. So, as for the other WesternExpand
Development Of The Banking Market In Albania
The purpose of this research is to analyze the development in banking sector in Albania since its strands and up to the present day. To highlight its role and influence in the Albanian Economy. TheExpand
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Vocational Guidance as a Tool Against the Abandonment of the University: The Case of Italy and Albania
One of the most important choices of students in their lives is undoubtedly the choice of the university they want to attend. The orientation of young people is a strategic resource which isExpand
Nationalism Based on Western Education in the Characters in “Child of All Nations”
Association between Western education and the brewing spirit of nationalism is well documented in many of the characters in Child of All Nations, most notably Minke, Kommer, and Jean Marais. It wouldExpand