Soko Kobayashi

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Partial cDNAs of myb-related regulatory genes were isolated from the tetraploid Kyoho grape (Vitis labruscana: V. labrusca × V. vinifera) and the expression patterns of the corresponding genes were studied. Since MybA gene expression is closely related to coloring and/or ripening of the berry (expression increases strongly with the commencement of coloring(More)
The TOM2A gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encodes a four-pass transmembrane protein that is required for efficient multiplication of a tobamovirus, TMV-Cg. In this study, the involvement of three TOM2A homologues in tobamovirus multiplication in A. thaliana was examined. T-DNA insertion mutations in the three homologues, separately or in combination, did not(More)
Cystathionine γ-synthase (CGS) catalyzes the first committed step of methionine (Met) biosynthesis in plants. Expression of the Arabidopsis thaliana CGS1 gene is negatively feedback-regulated in response to the direct Met metabolite S-adenosyl-L-methionine (AdoMet). This regulation occurs at the step of mRNA stability during translation and is coupled with(More)
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