Soki Hibino

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The authors report on a patient who exhibited intractable epilepsy due to an inaccessible hypothalamic hamartoma and subsequently underwent stereotactic radiosurgery. This 25-year-old man had a 24-year history of intractable gelastic and tonic-clonic seizures. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging performed at examination as well as that performed 30 months(More)
In order to investigate the relationship between beta1 integrins and the metastatic ability of cancer cells, we established a novel and highly metastatic cell line designated PC9-f9 from a poorly metastatic human lung adenocarcinoma cell line (PC9) in nude mice. PC9-f9 cells showed higher invasive activity in the Matrigel invasion assay than PC9 cells.(More)
Mutations in mitotic checkpoint genes have been detected in several human cancers, and these cancers exhibit chromosomal instability. Aneuploid stem cells seem to result from chromosomal instability and have been reported in many lung cancers. To determine whether alteration of mitotic checkpoint regulators is involved in carcinogenesis and tumor(More)
Some of the many human cancers that exhibit chromosomal instability also carry mutations in mitotic checkpoint genes and/or reveal reduced expression of some of those genes, such as hMAD2. To facilitate investigation of alterations of hMAD2, we determined its genomic structure and intronic primers designed to amplify the entire coding region. Since general(More)
Non-small cell lung cancer is associated with approximately 85% mortality due to its high metastatic potential. Therapeutic efforts have failed to produce a significant improvement in prognosis. In this situation, a better understanding of the key factors of metastasis may be useful for designing new molecular targets of therapy. In order to identify these(More)
Cases of bilateral cartoid occlusion have often been reported in the literature, but most of them were not examples of simultaneous bilateral carotid occlusion. Simultaneous bilateral cartoid occlusion appears to be rare, so we report one such case in this paper. A 68-year-old woman suddenly became unconscious, and was delivered to our hospital by(More)
A case is presented of painful tic convulsif caused by a posterior fossa meningioma, with right trigeminal neuralgia and ipsilateral hemifacial spasm. Magnetic resonance images showed an ectatic right vertebral artery as a signal-void area in the right cerebellopontine angle. At operation the tentorial meningioma, which did not compress either the fifth or(More)
The PTEN/MMAC1 gene located at 10q23, has been proposed to be a tumor suppressor gene. To determine the involvement of alteration of the PTEN/MMAC1 gene in carcinogenesis and the progression of primary lung cancers, we analyzed tumor samples of primary and distant metastatic sites and normal lung tissue samples of 30 patients with advanced lung cancer with(More)
Tenascin (TN) is an extracellular matrix protein which interferes with fibronectin (FN)-dependent cell attachment and activation as a natural antagonist to FN action. In this study, we examined the inhibitory effect of TN on T cell proliferation induced by immobilized anti-CD3 Ab combined with various costimulators in a serum-free condition. Consistent with(More)