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The Leydig insulin-like gene (Ley I-L), a member of the insulin-related gene family, is specifically expressed in pre- and postnatal Leydig cells of the testis and in postnatal theca cells of the ovary. To determine the functional region of the mouse Ley I-L promoter and factors controlling the Ley I-L gene expression, we used 2.1 kb of the 5'-flanking(More)
Collection of surveillance data is essential for monitoring and evaluation of public health programs. Integrated collection of household-based health data, now routinely carried out in many countries through demographic health surveys and multiple indicator surveys, provides critical measures of progress in health delivery. In contrast, biomarker surveys(More)
We investigated the effects of ultrasound-facilitated fixation on oral mucosal morphology. Bovine dorsal tongue and porcine buccal (cheek) mucosa were sonicated for 0, 5, 10 or 15 min in a modified methacarn fixative, then incubated at 25° C for 4 h. Initial mass, volume and density of each specimen were measured before and after treatment and fixation.(More)
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