Sokatsu Yamamoto

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We investigated the functional roles of presynaptic GABA(A) receptors on excitatory nerve terminals in contributing to spontaneous and action potential-evoked glutamatergic transmission to rat hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neurons. Single CA3 neurons were mechanically isolated with adherent nerve terminals, namely the 'synaptic bouton preparation', and(More)
This study ascertained the level of alcohol intake and alcoholic beverages consumed by Japanese older adults. Persons aged 55 to 75 years residing in central and southern Japan were recruited and interviewed face-to-face on their habitual alcohol consumption. Among the 577 (359 men and 218 women) participants from 10 districts/prefectures, 60.5% (75.5% for(More)
The inhibitory effects of toxin extracted from muscle or liver of five different puffer fishes (hereafter referred as puffer(s)) captured on the Japanese sea coast were examined on voltage-dependent sodium current (I(Na)) recorded from dissociated single rat hippocampal CA1 neurons. The inhibitory effects estimated from IC(50) values of toxin extracts on(More)
We performed a comparative study on the effects of toxin extracts prepared from muscle and liver of two different puffer fishes on voltage dependent sodium current (I(Na)), and compared the results with that of tetrodotoxin (TTX). The amount of toxin contained in the muscle or liver expressed as an amount of equipotent TTX differed in the two species(More)
The study ascertained the smoking status among Japanese older adults. Persons aged 55-75 years residing in middle and southern Japan were recruited and interviewed face-to-face on their habitual tobacco consumption. Among the 576 (358 male and 218 female) participants from 10 prefectures, 18.4% were current smokers the great majority of whom (89%) smoked(More)
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