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To what degree do immigrants reduce their high rates of residential overcrowding with increasing length of residence in the United States? This question is addressed through the application of a "double cohort" method that nests birth cohorts within immigration cohorts. This method enables duration of immigration effects to be separated from aging effects(More)
Thirty-four clients with serious psychopathological disorders were videotaped solving interpersonal problems with significant others or with case managers. Differential reliance on dismissing states of mind was examined in relation to behavioral ratings of clients during the interactions, and in relation to changes in clients' and partners' reports of(More)
"This study explores the rate of advancement into homeownership of immigrants, relative to native borns, in Southern California, a principal region of immigrant settlement.... Recent immigrants as well as young native borns are newcomers to the housing market and have lower attainment levels than earlier arrivals or older cohorts. Cohort trajectories are(More)
Women's mate selection criteria can be expected to include a preference for men who can protect them and their offspring. However, aggressive dominance and physical formidability are not an unalloyed good in a partner; as such, men are likely to be coercive toward their mates. Accordingly, because of the potential costs of living with an aggressively(More)
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