Sok Boon S Koh

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Construction of a complex virus may involve a hierarchy of assembly elements. Here, we report the structure of the whole human adenovirus virion at 3.6 angstroms resolution by cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), revealing in situ atomic models of three minor capsid proteins (IIIa, VIII, and IX), extensions of the (penton base and hexon) major capsid(More)
The accurate assessment of nodal involvement in prostate cancer is crucial to planning treatment, yet there is a shortage of noninvasive imaging techniques capable of visualizing nodal lesions directly. This study demonstrates the feasibility of using recombinant human adenoviral vectors to detect nodal metastases in a human prostate cancer model. This was(More)
We sought to modify adenoviral (Ad) particles by incorporating the advantageous characteristics of non-viral gene delivery vehicles to complement the viral vectors. α-Amino acid-N-carboxyanhydride chemistry was used to synthesize homopolypeptides and diblock copolypeptides that possess well-defined secondary structures. Using cryo-electron and fluorescence(More)
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