Soizick Lesteven

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We describe results obtained in prototyping a Kohonen self-organising feature map as a user interface to a large document collection. We then discuss the provision of various tools which will be used in quality control of databases and catalogs produced from, and cross-referenced with, the online astronomical literature; and which will be used in future(More)
The CDS is providing several unique services to the worldwide astronomical community: the catalogue service, the SIMBAD database, the ALADIN project, bibliography and literature search, yellow pages, etc. We describe how the CDS works at providing a global perspective on astronomical data and information, with the help of recent technological developments.
The Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) develops a set of value-added services, widely used for Nomenclature', integrate heterogeneous, selected information from observatory archives, sky surveys and publications. Each service organizes information in a different way (astronomical objects, tables, images with overlays, nomenclature), and the(More)
The Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) provides homogeneous access to heterogeneous information of various origins: information about astronomical objects in SIMBAD; catalogs and observation logs in VIZIER and in the catalogue service; reference images and overlays in ALADIN; nomenclature in the Dictionary of Nomenclature; Yellow Page(More)
The explosion of on-line services and the rapid evolution in information technology, with the advent of the WWW, gives its full dimension to the electronic publication. Electronic publication has to be conceived with links to external resources (databases, bibliographic services) and with intelligent information retrieval tools. To provide links one needs(More)
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