Soichiro Sakata

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Microbial pathogens of respiratory infectious diseases are often transmitted through particles in sneeze and cough. Therefore, understanding the particle movement is important for infection control. Images of a sneeze induced by nasal cavity stimulation by healthy adult volunteers, were taken by a digital high-vision, high-speed video system equipped with a(More)
Coughing plays an important role in influenza transmission; however, there is insufficient information regarding the viral load in cough because of the lack of convenient and reliable collection methods. We developed a portable airborne particle-collection system to measure the viral load; it is equipped with an air sampler to draw air and pass it through a(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the development of message-production in a referential communication paradigm. Children (3-12 years) were asked to mention the associative encodings of two kinds of figures and then verbally communicate the figures to the adult and peer listeners. Differences in content and mode of encoding under the associative and(More)
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