Soichi Sumi

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In software evolution, many bugs occur and developers spend a long time to fix them. Program debugging is a costly and difficult task. Automated program repair is a promising way to reduce costs on program debugging dramatically. Several repair techniques reusing existing code lines have been proposed in the past. They reuse code lines already existing in(More)
Recently, many researchers have conducted mining source code repositories to retrieve useful information about software development. Source code repositories often include auto-generated code, and auto-generated code is usually removed in a preprocessing phase because the presence of auto-generated code is harmful to source code analysis. A usual way to(More)
The matrix decomposition is one of the most powerful methods in recommendation systems. In the recommendation system, we can assume an incomplete matrix consisted of observed evaluation values by users and items, then we predict the vacant elements of the matrix using the observed values. This method is applied to a variety of the fields, e.g., for movie(More)
Automated program repair (in short, APR) is a truly desired technique because it can reduce debugging costs drastically. A well-known technique in APR is a reuse-based approach, which inserts existing program statements in a given program to suspicious code for an exposed bug. Some reports show the reuse-based approach was able to fix many bugs in open(More)
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