Sohuel Najjar

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The existence and specificity of a characteristic behavioral syndrome among patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) remains controversial. The behavioral pattern of many epilepsy patients differs from that of age-, sex-, and socioeconomic-matched control subjects. Patients with TLE and other forms of epilepsy can experience changes in cognitive function,(More)
BACKGROUND Several risk factors have been attributed to seizure recurrence after surgery. It is unknown whether race/ethnicity plays a role in outcome. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether race/ethnicity plays a role in seizure recurrence after surgery. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING We evaluated data obtained from the epilepsy centers at the University of(More)
Of 88 consecutive patients aged 20 to 77 years with severe symptomatic aortic valve disease requiring surgery, 51 patients had angina pectoris; of these 51, 41 had predominant aortic stenosis and 10 had severe aortic regurgitation. All patients with angina pectoris underwent coronary angiography; significant coronary arterial disease was encounted in 24 per(More)
The screening of newborn babies for congenital hypothyroidism has changed the natural history of this abnormality. We describe here a case of a female patient with congenital hypothyroidism that was missed by primary neonatal thyroid screening (using thyroid-stimulating hormone) at two days of age; it was detected only after the development and persistence(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Surgical intervention can reduce the burden of seizures in selected patients with tuberous sclerosis and medically refractory epilepsy. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A child presented with tuberous sclerosis and severe epilepsy beginning in the first month of life and delayed development before 1 year of age. Video-electroencephalographic(More)
Focal cortical dysplasia of Taylor type (FCDT) usually presents with seizures at an early age, whereas adult onset of epilepsy is uncommon. We reviewed the medical records of 213 patients with FCDT. In 21 patients (10%), age at seizure onset ranged from 18 to 55 years (mean 25.3). The outcome of seizures in patients with FCDT and adult-onset epilepsy seems(More)
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