Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh

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Classical vortex generators, known for their efficiency in delaying or even inhibiting boundary layer separation, are here shown to be coveted devices for transition to turbulence delay. The present devices are miniature with respect to classical vortex generators but are tremendously powerful in modulating the laminar boundary layer in the direction(More)
Miniature vortex generators (MVGs) are able to delay the transition to turbulence in a flat plate boundary layer if properly designed. Unfortunately, the natural recovery of the modulated laminar base flow in the streamwise direction is of exponential space scale and hence the passive laminar control fades away fairly rapidly. Here we show that by placing a(More)
A laminar flow control technique based on spanwise mean velocity gradients (SVGs) has recently proven successful in delaying transition in boundary layers. Here we take advantage of a well-known nonlinear effect, namely, the interaction of two oblique waves at high amplitude, to produce spanwise mean velocity variations. Against common belief we are able to(More)
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