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This study aimed to systematically review the articles on factors affecting sexual function during menopause. Searching articles indexed in Pubmed, Science Direct, Iranmedex, EMBASE, Scopus, and Scientific Information Database databases, a total number of 42 studies published between 2003 and 2013 were selected. Age, estrogen deficiency, type of menopause,(More)
Thyroid antibody positivity is relatively common in women. While many epidemiological studies have investigated the links between thyroid antibodies and pregnancy complications, evidence regarding the effect of Levothyroxine treatment of euthyroid pregnant women with autoimmune thyroid disease on pregnancy outcome is limited. The objective of this paper is(More)
BACKGROUND The sex lives of women are strongly affected by menopause. Non-pharmacologic approaches to improving the sexual function of postmenopausal women might prove effective. AIM To compare two methods of intervention (formal sex education and Kegel exercises) with routine postmenopausal care services in a randomized clinical trial. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND The sexual function of menopausal women is influenced by several factors. OBJECTIVES We aimed to investigate the association between exercise and sexual function among postmenopausal women residing in Northern Iran. PATIENTS AND METHODS Using a multistage, randomized sampling method, 405 postmenopausal women, aged 40 to 65 years, were(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the effects of sex education on sexual function in postmenopausal women. METHODS A randomized clinical trial was carried on 104 postmenopausal women, aged 40-60 years, residing in the cities of Chalus and Nowshahr, Iran. Their sexual function was assessed using the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire. The participants(More)
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