Soheila Mohamadirizi

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BACKGROUND E-learning, in addition to promotion of patients' level of awareness, causes a more efficient way to increase patient-personnel interaction and provision of patients' educational content. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a quasi-experimental study, 100 primigravida women, referring to Navab Safavi health care center affiliated to Isfahan University of(More)
BACKGROUND According to the biopsychosocial model, menstrual symptoms are caused not only by a combination of biological factors such as hormonal disorders and lifestyle, but also by psychological and social factors such as working environment. This study aimed to determine the relation between occupational stress and dysmenorrhea in Iranian midwives. (More)
BACKGROUND Eating Disorder Symptoms are among the most common disorders in perinatal period and are influenced by various environmental and psychosocial factors such as anxiety disorders. So, the aim of this study was to determine the relationship between Eating Disorder symptoms and Obsessive Compulsive disorder in primigravida women. MATERIALS AND(More)
BACKGROUND An active teaching method has been used widely in medical education. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the four-phase teaching method on midwifery students' emotional intelligence (EQ) in managing the childbirth. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was an experimental study that performed in 2013 in Isfahan University of(More)
BACKGROUND Since nursing and midwifery students avoid taking care of the diseased patients and taking care of the patients with AIDS can be influenced by their level of knowledge, the present study aimed to define the association between students' knowledge and their tendency to take care of HIV patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a descriptive(More)
BACKGROUND E-learning can increase knowledge in patients and provide an efficient way to enhance the personnel-patient interaction as well as patient-specific education materials. So, the aim of this study was to compare the effects of two methods, multimedia and illustrated booklet educational method, on primigravida women's knowledge of prenatal care. (More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity generally declines during pregnancy, but activity barriers during this period are not well understood. The objective was to determine physical activity and some relative factors in referred pregnant women. MATERIALS AND METHODS This cross-sectional study was carried on 384 in referred pregnant women to Isfahan Health Care(More)
Context: Social anxiety and eating disorders have demonstrated high comorbidity in a Multiple Sclerosis Clinic Population. However, social anxiety has not been directly studied with respect to eating disorders. This study, therefore, was designed to determine the relationship between social anxiety and eating disorders in a multiple sclerosis clinic(More)
INTRODUCTION The concept of sexual dysfunction is dysfunction in desire and emotional - social that it is Impact on the sexual response cycle and can cause stress and interpersonal difficulties. Quality of marital relationship is one of the important factors predicting sexual function disorders, which varies among different cancers. The purpose of this(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity is one of the important factors in predicting the quality of life, which varies between different cultures and countries. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between physical activity and the quality of life in pregnant women. MATERIALS AND METHODS This cross-sectional study was carried on 380 pregnant(More)