Soheila Karimi-Abdolrezaee

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Spinal cord injury (SCI) results in loss of oligodendrocytes demyelination of surviving axons and severe functional impairment. Spontaneous remyelination is limited. Thus, cell replacement therapy is(More)
The transplantation of neural stem/progenitor cells (NPCs) is a promising therapeutic strategy for spinal cord injury (SCI). However, to date NPC transplantation has exhibited only limited success in(More)
Emerging evidence suggests that cell-based remyelination strategies may be a feasible therapeutic approach for CNS diseases characterized by myelin deficiency as a result of trauma, congenital(More)
After spinal cord injury (SCI), surviving white matter axons display axonal dysfunction associated with demyelination and altered K+ channel activity. To clarify the molecular basis of posttraumatic(More)