Soheil Rayatdoost

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Today, users generate and consume millions of videos online. Automatic identification of the most interesting moments of these videos have many applications such as video retrieval. Although most interesting excerpts are person-dependent, existing work demonstrate that there are some common features among these segments. The media interestingness task at(More)
This paper presents a nonlinear controller for visual servoing system. Pose estimation is one of the fundamental issues in position-based visual servoing (PBVS) approach. A few researches have focused on controller synthesis under modeling uncertainty and measurement noise of estimated position. In this research, PD-type sliding surface is designed for(More)
Face recognition using thermal images has received high attention by researchers in recent years. Since skin temperature can be visualized using thermographic cameras, a unique imprint can be achieved for thermal image of a person's face. In this study, we have investigated the effect of using different partitioning strategies of face imprint on thermal(More)
This paper presents a robust pose estimator for visual servoing system. Although various filters has been used as pose estimators, very limited research has been focused on the stability and robustness of pose estimators. UKF or EKF based pose estimator is one of most celebrated approaches in uncertain and noisy environment for nonlinear observations.(More)
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