Soheil Ghafurian

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The fixed destination multi-depot multiple traveling salesmen problem (MmTSP) is a problem, in which more than one salesmen depart from several starting cities and having returned to the starting city, form tours so that each city is visited with exactly one salesman, and the tour lengths stay within certain limits. This problem is of a great complexity and(More)
An accurate preoperative measurement of glenoid orientation is crucial for evaluating pathologies and successful total shoulder arthroplasty. Existing methods may be labor-intensive, observer-dependent, and sensitive to the misalignment between the scapula plane and CT scanning direction. In this study, we proposed a computation framework and performed an(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) to two-dimensional (2D) registration is an essential problem in many medical applications. This problem aims at finding the rigid transformation parameters to match the projected image of a 3D model to the real one to estimate the 3D pose of the anatomical model. This class of image registration is computationally intensive due to the(More)
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