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STUDY DESIGN The in vitro tensile behavior of multiple-layer samples of anulus fibrosus were investigated from nondegenerate intervertebral discs. OBJECTIVES To quantify the intrinsic tensile behavior of nondegenerate anulus fibrosus and the variations with position and age in the intervertebral disc. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Tension is an important(More)
The authors describe their experience with 26 cases of thoracic myelopathy secondary to hypertrophic ossification of the spinal ligament (posterior longitudinal ligament and/or ligamentum flavum). The clinical manifestations of this condition and results of its surgical treatment are described. The commonest symptoms were numbness or tingling in the legs(More)
BACKGROUND The authors sought to identify treatment-related factors that influenced survival after surgical treatment for metastatic spinal tumors and to evaluate the relationship between survival and postoperative ambulation time as a factor related to quality of life. METHODS The medical records of 81 patients with metastatic spinal tumors who underwent(More)
We have studied the morphometry of the spinal cord in 50 patients with cervical compression myelopathy. Computed tomographic myelography (CTM) showed that the transverse area of the cord at the site of maximum compression correlated significantly with the results of surgery. In most patients with less than 30 mm2 of spinal cord area, the results were poor;(More)
STUDY DESIGN The erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, white blood cell count, and body temperature were measured prospectively in patients after two types of spinal surgery without complications and three cases of infection after spinal instrumentation surgery. OBJECTIVES To investigate the effects of instrumentation on postoperative(More)
A characteristic dysfunction of the hand has been observed in various cervical spinal disorders when there is involvement of the spinal cord. There is loss of power of adduction and extension of the ulnar two or three fingers and an inability to grip and release rapidly with these fingers. These changes have been termed "myelopathy hand" and appear to be(More)
STUDY DESIGN The white blood cell (WBC) count and WBC differential were measured prospectively in patients after spinal instrumentation surgery with or without surgical wound infection. OBJECTIVES.: To investigate the usefulness of WBC differential for early diagnosis of surgical wound infection after spinal instrumentation surgery. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous transpedicular needle biopsy was performed on thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies with a thin trocar (2.0 mm outer diameter) under observation with a conventional X-ray image intensifier in order to establish a correct histopathological diagnosis. We also evaluated the clinical validity of this less invasive diagnostic method in(More)
The administration of either Pentoxifylline (PTX), a methylxanthine derivative and an inhibitor of cyclic AMP (c-AMP) phosphodiesterases (PDEs), or Rolipram, an inhibitor specific to type-4 PDE (PDE4) in normal mice, significantly increased both cortical and cancellous bone mass. Vertebrae and tibiae from mice treated with PTX or Rolipram were analyzed by(More)
BACKGROUND Although the frequent occurrence of scoliosis in patients who have spastic cerebral palsy is well known and surgical treatment has often been recommended for these patients, little is known about the natural history of scoliosis in this population. We aimed to clarify the natural history of scoliosis from childhood through to adulthood and(More)