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The Image-Guided Software Toolkit (IGSTK: pronounced IGstick) is a high-level open-source component based software toolkit. The toolkit is currently under development and is intended to make it easy for researchers to prototype and develop image-guided surgery applications. The toolkit has been used to develop an example application incorporating(More)
Modular and flexible software components can be useful for reuse across a class of domain-specific applications or product lines. By varying the composition of components suited to a particular product line, an assortment of applications can be developed to support differing operational needs. A top-down approach to the design components for a specific(More)
With an increase in full-body scans and longitudinal acquisitions to track disease progression, it becomes significant to find correspondence between multiple images. One example would be the monitoring size/location of tumors using PET images during chemotherapy to determine treatment progression. While there is a need to go beyond a single parametric(More)
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