Sohan L. Manocha

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The reactions given for various oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes by the choroid plexus of the squirrel monkey and the rat brain have been studied in detail. The lining cells show strong activity for citric acid cycle and glycolytic pathways enzymes. The stroma shows strong activity for adenosine triphosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, adenosine(More)
Morphological and cytochemical studies on the squirrel monkey have been made after maintaining the subjects on pure distilled water and fluoridated distilled water for 18 months with the objective of determining the effect of fluoride on the activity of some hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes in the kidney, liver and nervous system. Daily water intake by(More)
The localization of certain phosphatases, esterases and dehydrogenases in the spinal cord of healthy and severely protein malnourished squirrel monkeys were investigated histochemically. The latter were given drastically reduced levels of proteins in their diets for 15 weeks, and for the purpose of comparison several animals were sacrificed after 9, 11, 13(More)
The cerebellum of healthy and malnourished squirrel monkeys was studied histopathologically and cytochemically for a number of important enzymes such as phosphatases (acid and alkaline phosphatase, ATPase, thiamine pyrophosphatase), esterases (simple esterase and acetylcholinesterase), dehydrogenases (succinate, malate and isocitrate dehydrogenase, lactate(More)
A detailed histochemical study has been made on the mesenteric ganglia of the cat, and dorsal root ganglia of the squirrel monkey by the use of appropriate histochemical techniques accompanied by appropriate controls for phosphatases, esterases, and oxidative enzymes. The different neurons of a particular ganglion show varied amounts of enzyme activity at a(More)
The distribution of some phosphatases (alkaline and acid phosphatase and ATPase) have been studied on 15 μ thick fresh frozen serial sections in the various regions and nuclei of the squirrel monkey brain. The alkaline phosphatase activity is concentrated in the blood vessels and the peripheral part of the neurons of some nuclei (e.g., nucleus supraoptic(More)
The distribution of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and simple esterases (SE) has been investigated in 15 μ thick fresh frozen sections of the squirrel monkey brain. Simple esterases are cellular enzymes, found in locations similar to those of acid phosphatase (AC), although not as abundantly. The neuropil in most of the nuclei of the brain shows stronger SE(More)
Experimental protein malnutrition was induced in juvenile squirrel monkeys by feeding them synthetic diets which contained 2% protein for a period of 15 weeks. Along with their controls who were fed 25% protein food and laboratory monkey chow, groups of monkeys were sacrificed at nine, 11, 13, and 15 weeks of feeding schedule. The spinal cords were stained(More)