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We sought to develop and validate a standardized cutaneous nerve regeneration model and to define the rate of epidermal nerve fibre (ENF) regeneration first in healthy control subjects and then in neuropathic and neuropathy-free subjects with diabetes. Next, we assessed the effect of different factors on the rate of nerve fibre regeneration and investigated(More)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A) is caused by a duplication of PMP22 on chromosome 17 and is the most commonly inherited demyelinating neuropathy. Diabetes frequently causes predominantly sensory neuropathy. Whether diabetes exacerbates CMT1A is unknown. We identified 10 patients with CMT1A and diabetes and compared their impairment with 48(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the risk to public safety posed by drivers with epilepsy, the authors compared annual totals and disease-specific risk for fatal crashes associated with seizures and other medical conditions. They compared individual risks for fatal crashes due to seizures and other causes of mortality in patients with epilepsy. METHODS The authors(More)
AIMS AND METHODS The authors analyzed the public dataset of Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study to examine the association of glucose dysmetabolism with HIV-related peripheral neuropathy. RESULTS Among 5,622 participants in the data, 282 (5%) had peripheral neuropathy, of which 225 had sensory neuropathy. Of 225 participants with sensory neuropathy, 191 (84.8%)(More)
Fully-Implicit (FI) Methods are often employed in the numerical simulation of large-scale subsurface flows in porous media. At each implicit time step, a Newton-like method is used to solve the FI discrete nonlinear algebraic system. The linear solution process for the Newton updates is the computational workhorse of FI simulations. Empirical observations(More)
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