Soham Sarkar

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Multilevel thresholding amounts to segmenting a gray-level image into several distinct regions. This paper presents a 2D histogram based multilevel thresholding approach to improve the separation between objects. Recent studies indicate that the results obtained with 2D histogram oriented approaches are superior to those obtained with 1D histogram based(More)
An algorithm for computationally focusing the tissue boundaries detected from magnetic resonance images is presented. The proposed approach is a novel, whole-contour-based technique for tracing edges selected at a coarse scale into successively finer scales to recover the needed precision. The tracing algorithm builds consensus through a fast pixel voting(More)
In this article, we develop and investigate a new classifier based on features extracted using spatial depth. Our construction is based on fitting a generalized additive model to posterior probabilities of different competing classes. To cope with possible multi-modal as well as non-elliptic nature of the population distribution, we also develop a localized(More)