Soham Mandal

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CT scan images of human brain of a particular patient in different cross sections are taken, on which wavelet transform and multi-fractal analysis are applied. The vertical and horizontal unfolding of images are done before analyzing these images. A systematic investigation of de-noised CT scan images of human brain in different cross-sections are carried(More)
INTRODUCTION Patient satisfaction after total knee replacement (TKR) depends on the amount of pain relief and the functional activities achieved. An important criterion of good functional outcome is the amount of flexion achieved and whether the patient can manage high flexion activities. In order to increase the amount of safe flexion, various implant(More)
In this paper, a comparative study between proposed hyper kurtosis based modified duo-histogram equalization (HKMDHE) algorithm and contrast limited adaptive histogram enhancement (CLAHE) has been presented for the implementation of contrast enhancement and brightness preservation of low contrast human brain CT scan images. In HKMDHE algorithm, contrast(More)
In this paper, we have carried out the detail studies of pre-cancer by wavelet coherency and multifractal based detrended fluctuation analysis (MFDFA) on differential interference contrast (DIC) images of stromal region among different grades of pre-cancer tissues. Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) through Daubechies basis has been performed for identifying(More)
—Our proposed hyper kurtosis based histogram equalized DIC images enhances the contrast by preserving the brightness. The evolution and development of precancerous activity among tissues are studied through S-transform (ST). The significant variations of amplitude spectra can be observed due to increased medium roughness from normal tissue were observed in(More)
The Empirical Mode Decomposition has been used to present a new approach for denoising of regular and chaotic time series originating from the nonlinear systems. The proposed filtering approach is based on the frequency distribution of different Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMFs). It provides complete frequency and noise strength information present in the(More)
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